Stud Jersey Cattle

Glenarron Duchess 8 x ASTOUND

At Glenarron Farms we use 100% AI on the milking herd and pasture bulls with the heifers. We have had a great run with ASTOUND and have a number of cows we love, all with phenomenal temperament. We have been using semen from SPECIAL FORCES, CELEBRITY, PARADE, ALTAFUTURITY, REGION and AVERY ACTION this year and always look forward to the coming years progeny. 

Jersey Cattle

Next year we anticipate a few new lines and look forward to them hitting the shed to see how they settle in. SPUTNIK is another bull that brought some good heifers in recent years and we are enjoying those as trouble free young cows.

In classification we aim to have a herd averaging 86 points. This year we achieved 9 VHC’s and an ASTOUND with a 92 point Superior. Herd of 300 cows are cruising along nicely on 6,000 Litres at the moment and with minimal pasture the cows are into the crop silage and a bit of lucerne hay and are holding condition very well. The herd is up 18% in production this year.

Jersey Cattle